Self-Compassion at Work Programme

Work has become increasingly challenging, stressful and complex. We are delighted to be able to offer you a unique online self-guided programme which will provide you with a full understanding of the theory and practice of self-compassion at work. This innovative user-friendly programme, delivered across four modules, is based on the latest academic literature, data and best practice in the field of mindful self-compassion. It has been rigorously tested with a large group of working professionals and the findings of this research study showed significant improvements for participants in psychological wellbeing, stress and burnout as well as self-compassion. This programme provides you with the all the tools and techniques you require to enact self-compassion in your day to day working life.

The Self-Compassion at Work Programme provides a complete introduction to the science behind self-compassion and covers the three core components (Self-Kindness, Common Humanity and Mindfulness) in an easily understood and practical way. This understanding will promote your psychological wellbeing and resilience in your immediate environment, both at work and home. Delivered via a technologically advanced mechanism, each module consists of a training webinar that allows you access at any time to suit you using your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Also included with the programme materials you will receive are four short key tasks to embed your personal learning, a reflective daily diary for use during the programme, an action plan to chart your progress and podcasts to enable you to listen to all the practice elements on the go. Full instructions are also provided in your programme package.

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The four modules cover the following aspects

Module One

Introduction to the Self-Compassion at Work Programme and background to Self-Compassion and how this approach can assist us in our day to day lives and work

Module Two

Introduction to Self-Kindness, overcoming self-criticism and increasing self-acceptance

Module Three

Introduction to Common Humanity and overcoming isolation and Introduction to Mindfulness and overcoming overidentification with our thoughts and feelings

Module Four

Introduction to Developing and Maintaining your Self-Compassion Practice

£25.00 (plus VAT)

You can purchase this online programme now for £25 plus VAT (If you have a discount code, you can enter this prior to payment). Once payment has been received you will automatically receive the programme instructions, materials and links to the webinars as a set of downloads to the email address you provide at the checkout.

If you would like to discuss providing access to this evidence-based online training programme to staff in your organisation, discounted rates are available when you sign up 50+ participants. Please contact us using the enquiry form to find out how we can provide this cost saving to your organisation.

Why Practice Self-Compassion?

Research shows that people who are more self-compassionate are:


Practising self-compassion leads to more happiness, optimism, gratitude and better relationships with others

Less stressed

Self-compassion is a powerful antidote to the self-criticism and perfectionistic thinking that can lead to stress, anxiety and depression

More resilient

Self-compassionate people bounce back more easily from set-backs and are more likely to learn from their mistakes