Public Sector Self-Compassion at Work Programme

Work in the public sector has become increasingly challenging, stressful and complex with burnout, poor mental health and compassion fatigue a widespread reality particularly amongst healthcare professionals. An under-used solution to these challenges is self-compassion. An extensive body of research shows that self-compassion is a powerful protective factor in a wide range of wellbeing indicators, including mental health and is associated with greater resilience.

We understand this exceptional toll on the public sector so have created a unique online self-guided programme designed specifically for public sector employees. Our Public Sector Self-Compassion at Work Programme provides you with the tools and techniques to cultivate self-compassion and self-care, empowering you to navigate the difficulties of your working and personal life with greater ease. The programme introduces the science behind self-compassion and explores its three core components – Self-Kindness, Common Humanity and Mindfulness, giving you the understanding of how these principles can enhance your psychological wellbeing and resilience.

Our innovative programme consists of four online training modules, carefully designed based on the latest research and best practices in the field of self-compassion. We have rigorously evaluated this programme with a large group of healthcare professionals, and the results were remarkable. Participants experienced significant improvements in psychological well-being, reduced stress and burnout, and increased levels of self-compassion.

The programme is conveniently delivered online, allowing easy access to the training webinars at any time that suits. Along with the training materials, you receive four short key tasks to reinforce your learning, a reflective daily diary to aid your journey, an action plan to track your progress, and podcasts that enable you to practice self-compassion on the go. Detailed instructions are included in your programme package to ensure a smooth experience.

Post-programme, you have access to join for free an online community of other self-compassion programme participants to share and support each other as required.


Countering symptoms of burnout in the NHS

It is well-known that NHS staff, as a result of staff shortages and workload pressures are particularly subject to burnout. Research by The King’s Fund shows that NHS staff are 50% more likely to experience chronic stress. In our work with many NHS Trusts across the UK, we have seen firsthand, the significant benefits from those organisations taking a proactive approach to supporting their employees’ mental and physical wellbeing with the development of self-compassion skills. Our programme is actively being used by many NHS Trusts to support their wellbeing strategies and to contribute to building a more compassionate culture amongst work colleagues.

The four modules cover the following aspects:

Module One

Introduction to the Self-Compassion at Work Programme and background to Self-Compassion and how this approach can assist us in our day to day lives and work in the public sector

Module Two

Introduction to Self-Kindness, overcoming self-criticism and increasing self-acceptance

Module Three

Introduction to Common Humanity and overcoming isolation and Introduction to Mindfulness and overcoming overidentification with our thoughts and feelings

Module Four

Introduction to Developing and Maintaining your Self-Compassion Practice in the public sector beyond the programme

£39.50 (inc VAT)

Take charge of your wellbeing and build your resilience against stress with our Public Sector Self-Compassion at Work Programme which costs £39.50. (If using a discount code, please enter this on the checkout page prior to payment). Once payment is received you will automatically receive an email with the instructions, materials and links to the webinars as a set of downloads to the email address you provide at checkout.

And to make it even easier to get started, we’re offering a special discount for our online visitors. Just use the code GRATITUDE at checkout to receive 10% off your order.

One organisation who commissioned this programme for their workforce said:

“Having the Public Sector Self-Compassion at Work programme has enabled the hospital to have a renewed focus on wellbeing and compassion at arguably the most challenging period in the NHS’ history. The programme has provided opportunities for staff who would not normally access these types of programmes to learn at a pace to suit themselves and to make positive changes to our organisational culture.”
Rebecca Patel (Associate Chief People Officer) Warrington and Halton Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

We offer volume discounts for organisations looking to use the online programme for 50+ participants. Enquire here to bespoke group rates.



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