Welcome to Creating Compassion.

When action meets compassion, lives change.

At Creating Compassion we are dedicated to helping you to develop compassion for yourself as well as others. You can learn to find care, connection and calm in our challenging times. Through the practice of self-compassion you can increase your resilience and improve your health and wellbeing. The resources available from Creating Compassion are all supported by the most recent research in the field of self-development.

Self-compassion provides you with a tool to authentically develop your self-acceptance and self-worth in a way that allows you to be caring and considerate towards both yourself and others, with no requirement to be dependent on outside factors.

The three components of self-compassion include:

  • Being caring towards yourself
  • Recognising your connection to others
  • Learning to be mindful in the moment

Creating Compassion aims to guide you to a deeper, more meaningful and understanding approach towards yourself when faced with the inevitable challenges of life. We hope that you will be empowered to think, feel and act more compassionately towards yourself and in turn, others.

We wish you only well on your journey towards a life filled with more compassion for yourself and those around you.