Compassionate Organisation Development

Organisations have faced unprecedented challenges in recent times, therefore supporting and maintaining the health and wellbeing of employees requires more attention than ever before. This acknowledgement is based on our developing understanding of how health and wellbeing affects the work we do and whether our organisation can not only survive, but thrive, through difficult times. The leadership of organisations, from team leaders to boardroom, can rise to the challenge with expert support and critical development, for which self-compassion and a compassionate leadership approach can prove invaluable. The research shows that by encouraging and supporting our employees, at all levels, to self-care and enact compassion in the workplace, the organisation only benefits in terms of effectiveness, staff engagement, motivation, safety, client and staff satisfaction as well as financial performance.

Self-compassion can be developed throughout an organisation at an individual and team levels. We provide organisations with our lost cost high volume Self-Compassion at Work Programme which is delivered at all levels, entirely online, and has been shown to improve mental wellbeing, stress, burnout and self-compassion in a randomised waitlist control trial. The leaders in your organisation are charged with the most critical aspects of your performance and effectiveness. Our Compassionate Leadership Coaching Programme is delivered online to organisations to support their key leaders to both enact self-compassion and deliver compassion focused people management skills. This programme consistently shows improved psychological wellbeing, self-compassion levels and directly impacts on leadership effectiveness and performance. This form of leadership development, when commissioned at scale, directly impacts on your organisation’s success.

It is our confirmed belief at Creating Compassion, that an organisation can fundamentally adapt its culture towards one where compassion is a legitimate organisational driver; where compassion is present in the conduct of organisational life; where all the interactions and decisions have compassion as a unifying principle; and that compassion can be enacted through all the organisational policies, procedures and working practices. To evaluate your organisations culture and support you to develop a compassion focused approach, as occupational psychologists with a wealth of experience in this domain, we can offer a range of bespoke consultancy services. Please do contact us directly for more information and to arrange a no obligation meeting to discuss your organisation’s needs with us at your convenience.

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