A Year of Self-Compassion

Finding Care, Connection and Calm in Our Challenging Times

The A Year of Self-Compassion book is a unique and instructive self-compassion journal to help you think, feel and act more compassionately towards yourself.

Many of us are familiar with the concept of compassion when directed towards others but fewer of us know how to show compassion to ourselves. Self-compassion is an entirely trainable skill which is available to us all. This user friendly guide will enable you to take a kinder approach to yourself, connect more authentically with others and help you to recognise what you are thinking and feeling in the present moment without judgement.

A Year of Self-Compassion is a practical and innovative reflective weekly journal which will help you to actively engage in the process of developing self-compassion throughout the course of a year. A selection of colouring illustrations are included to promote your mindful relaxation.

‘The more we spread compassion, the kinder our world becomes. It begins with self-compassion. The A Year of Self-Compassion book is a wise and kind seedbed for the growth of compassion.’ Professor Michael West

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