A Year of Self-Compassion

Finding Care, Connection and Calm in Our Challenging Times

This book about Self-Compassion is a unique and instructive self-compassion journal to help you think and act more compassionately towards yourself.

We are all familiar with showing compassion to others but fewer of us know how to show compassion to ourselves. And yet, self-compassion is an entirely trainable skill which is available to us all.

This user-friendly guide, draws on the latest psychological research to take you on a journey, over the course of a year, of developing a kinder, more compassionate approach to yourself. Author, Dr Amanda Super shares her years of experience and insight to help you discover the power of self-compassion and learn how to break free from patterns of negative self-talk and harsh self-judgement.


Cultivating mindful self-compassion

Working through the book, you’ll learn how to cultivate mindfulness, an essential element to show ourselves compassion. Reflective questions help you with the practice of using a mindfulness journal: being present and non-judgemental in the moment, being able to observe your thoughts and emotions without getting caught up in them.  The book provides you with the opportunity to practice self-kindness and reduce the voice of your inner critic. A Year of Self-Compassion also includes a selection of colouring illustrations to promote your mindful relaxation.

Here are some of the key areas covered in the book:

  • Tips for developing self-compassion and self-care including a range of self-compassion exercises
  • Practical techniques for responding to difficult emotions with self-compassion
  • Using mindfulness and mindfulness journaling to explore your thoughts and emotions
  • Strategies for overcoming negative self-criticism and self-sabotaging behaviours
  • Mindful communication and cultivating healthy, compassionate relationships where we authentically connect with others

“The more we spread compassion, the kinder our world becomes. It begins with self-compassion. The A Year of Self-Compassion book is a wise and kind seedbed for the growth of compassion.”
Professor Michael West

Whether you’re new to self-compassion and mindfulness or an experienced practitioner, this book will help you deepen your practice and transform your life. Order your copy direct from our publishers today and begin your journey towards greater self-compassion and wellbeing. Please use the link below to buy your copy for £10.99.

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Front cover of the Self-Compassion book called A Year of Self-Compassion by Dr Amanda Super showing a subtitle which says Finding Care, Connection and Calm in our challenging times.
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