Compassionate Executive Coaching

A leader’s role has changed significantly in recent times, requiring them to navigate complex challenges in rapidly changing landscapes. They need to innovate and inspire their people more than ever, creating the safe environments in which individuals can perform to their best ability. Coaching to become a more compassionate leader is a little known but extremely powerful solution to coping with today’s pressure and to boost performance.

Dr Amanda Super leads our coaching practice having founded her occupational psychology consultancy, Amanda Super Consulting Ltd in 2009. During her 25-plus year career, Amanda has coached and developed hundreds of leaders across a variety of sectors and in specialist and generalist roles. Her aim is to help every client reach their full potential, improve motivation and perform to the best of their ability.

Amanda is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and qualified coaching practitioner who brings her wealth of experience to many different aspects of leadership development and personal growth. Her coaching is based upon sound theoretical and scientific research including the latest coaching models.  Amanda is also a recognised expert in the field of self-compassion and compassionate leadership development.

In addition to leadership development, individuals also use our coaching services for support when facing redundancy or retirement or when considering a role or career change.

Our coaching programme typically includes six hourly online coaching sessions using our confidential meeting service scheduled four to six weeks apart. There is also the possibility of including some ‘Walk and Talk’ outdoor coaching if this is something the client would like.

In between the coaching sessions, clients access online training webinars and complete ‘homework’ to embed the practices learnt.

Our coaching is completely confidential. Amanda is a practicing member of the British Psychological Society and is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.


On completion of this programme you will walk away with:

  1. Improved self-awareness, understanding your personal style, values and motivators and those areas which are strengths and development needs.
  2. Tools and techniques for leading with a compassionate approach and using compassion for difficult conversations and situations.
  3. The self-compassion skills to be more resilient and effective in challenging home and work environments.
  4. Recognition of dysfunctional behaviours and approaches to counter these
  5. Your personal development plan with focused action plans and clarity on long term goals and objectives.
  6. The personal growth to maintain strong work performance and long-term happiness in life.


Our Approach to Compassionate Executive Coaching

Amanda’s approach is holistic, in that it accounts for the whole person and focuses on building the client’s confidence and resilience, so they benefit from the experience for their entire lives.

Time is spent upfront with a no obligation chemistry call which gives the opportunity to assess the coaching relationship and discuss specific needs. Clients also complete a questionnaire to highlight any significant issues to inform the coaching.

When required, valid psychometric tests are used to facilitate coaching insights. We also draw upon reliable self-compassion scales and measures to understand where the individual is at with their own self kindness and self care.

On completion of the coaching sessions, we evaluate with the client the impact of our coaching which can include re-evaluating any progress made on their self-compassion measure and compassionate leadership behaviours. Dr Amanda Super has delivered this programme with many senior leaders across a number of organisations who have benefitted. This is what one participant had to say:

“This coaching programme has been so positive and calming. I have maintained this approach between the coaching sessions. Thinking back to how I felt prior to the programme and now, I can view so many concerns I had in a totally different light, which is hugely liberating. I cannot recommend working with Amanda enough.”


Outdoor Executive Coaching in Nature

For clients based in and around the Northwest of England, Dr Amanda Super is able to offer the additional benefit of unique ‘Walk and Talk’ Outdoor Coaching Sessions. Taking place within well maintained Forestry Commission land ( and large public parks, these sessions provide the opportunity for coaching clients to reflect and engage with Amanda, in a safe natural environment. There are a number of accessible routes available for clients to select from, all have paths and are easy to navigate. The routes also allow for a variety of outdoor spaces to be experienced, depending on the preferences of the client, including woodland, lakes, rivers and meadows. Accessible options for all are available and every client’s needs are closely considered prior to any outdoor sessions taking place.

The research clearly suggests that being able to disconnect from our day-to-day working lives and immerse ourselves in the natural world around us, improves our psychological wellbeing and physical health. Coaching in an outdoor environment can enable ‘our best thinking’. Being immersed in nature allows us to draw on all our senses as they respond to what is going on around us, including the wildlife we encounter, as well as the weather and the changing seasons. If you would like to discuss the possibility of engaging with an experienced and qualified coaching practitioner in an outdoor setting, please contact us to have a free, no-obligation chat.

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