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At Creating Compassion we aim to spread the transformative power of compassion and self-compassion in workplaces and beyond.  Led by our founder, Dr Amanda Super, we have supported clients from diverse sectors to successfully improve the performance and wellbeing of their people by developing self-compassion and compassionate leadership and embedding compassionate practices at the core of their organisational culture.

Amanda is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Executive Coach who has dedicated her career to improving peoples’ working lives, adhering to the principle of being ‘helpful and not harmful’ to self and others. Amanda’s values of equality, inclusion and social justice form the foundation of her work. She acts with integrity, courage, compassion and social responsibility in the design and delivery of her evidence-based programmes.

A number of years ago Amanda ‘discovered’ the field of self-compassion when she experienced the transformative psychological and physical wellbeing to be gained from self-care and compassion.  Since then, in her role as a practitioner, researcher and author, Amanda is recognised as a leading expert in the development of self-compassion, compassionate leadership, and organisational compassion. She has conducted research on the positive effects of compassion on mental and emotional wellbeing and is regularly asked to deliver talks and workshops on these topics. Alongside designing and delivering a range of online, face to face courses, programmes and workshops for clients, Amanda has also coached leaders at all levels, in both specialist and generalist roles.

Amanda has authored ‘A Year of Self-Compassion’ which provides the reader with an opportunity to develop their understanding and practice of self-compassion.

Amanda is a Chartered Member of The British Psychological Society and is registered to practice with The Health and Care Professions Council in the UK. She is fully professionally insured to practice as a Chartered Occupational Psychologist.

Outside of work, Amanda enjoys walking her dog in woodland. She loves being out in nature and appreciates the changing seasons. When she can, Amanda cycles and enjoys outdoor swimming. For mindful relaxation, she enjoys the challenges of cooking for her family, baking cakes and completing 1000-piece jigsaws, which she likes to frame and give as presents to friends and family. Amanda always has a book on the go, usually fiction, and regularly attends a book club.

Alongside Amanda, we have a team of experienced Occupational Psychologists who help to deliver our programmes and facilitate workshops. Our Executive Administrator, Leyla, is a valued member of the Creating Compassion Team and we could not manage without her!

Dr Amanda Super, founder of Creating Compassion and Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Executive Coach

Self-Compassion Development

Our approach is based on understanding why we need self-compassion and how it can assist us in our daily lives and work.

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Compassionate Leadership Development

Developing self-compassion offers leaders and managers a solid foundation on which to build their compassionate leadership skills and abilities.

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Compassionate Executive Coaching

Dr. Amanda Super offers confidential coaching to help leaders navigate challenges, develop compassionate leadership, and boost performance.

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Compassionate Organisation Development

We support organisations to develop a more compassionate culture to increase overall success.

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