Compassionate Leadership Development

The increasing stress and challenge we all face at work can have a particular impact on us when we are in a leadership or management role. Not only are we responsible for our team and their wellbeing and performance, but we also have to ensure we adequately care for our own psychological health. Developing self-compassion offers leaders and managers a solid foundation on which to build their compassionate and inclusive leadership skills and abilities. As occupational psychologists, we are particularly interested in how we can encourage and empower leaders to enact self-compassion and deliver wise and emotionally intelligent people management skills. This ensures that they do not neglect their own needs and are therefore more able to provide their team with authentic and sustainable compassion, which the research shows, increases psychological wellbeing and performance.

Self-compassion can be developed at any stage of our leadership career. The evidence shows that leadership is one of the most important influences on an organisation’s culture and compassion is central to the practice of leadership. By taking care of those in our charge, through having a self-compassion and compassionate leadership practice, we are equipped to support, challenge and develop our teams to achieve their full potential. If you would like to develop your self-compassion and compassionate leadership, we are able to offer you a highly successful programme to assist. Our Compassionate Leadership Coaching Programme consistently shows improved psychological wellbeing and self-compassion levels for participants and it also directly impacts on their leadership effectiveness and work performance.

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Compassionate Leadership Coaching Programme

The programme develops leaders understanding of the theory and practice of self-compassion which acts as the foundation for their compassionate leadership development.

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