Creating Compassion in Public Sector Organisations

Dr Amanda Super is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Executive Coach with her own successful consultancy based in the North West of England.  She provides psychological consultancy services to a wide range of clients, with an emphasis on healthcare and public sector organisations.  Much of her work over the last two decades has been to develop the leadership attributes and skillsets of senior managers within the public, health and social care sectors, to achieve and fulfil their potential as compassionate, patient/service user focused leaders of outstanding stature.

During the course of her coaching work, Amanda has built an extensive portfolio of skills that place emphasis on developing self-awareness, self-confidence and resilience. This assists individuals with the challenges they face in the current climate and with the extensive organisational change that dominates the public, health and social care economy.  All her coaching work is both learning focused and action orientated.  Each client is treated as an individual and is considered holistically to ensure they achieve longevity in their acquisition of self-knowledge and professional, as well as personal, development. Within the public, health and social care sectors, Amanda has successfully coached chief executives, chairpersons, non-executive and executive directors, senior police personnel, senior managers, professional leads, senior clinicians and allied health professionals.

Amanda is regularly asked to present at practitioner conferences and board development sessions throughout the public sector, particularly in relation to developing self-compassion to promote wellbeing at work and how to cultivate compassion organisationally.

To view Dr Amanda Super’s White Paper, entitled Developing Self-Compassion in the Workplace – Public Sector, which outlines her advanced approach, research and application in this critical and evolving field, please use the download button below.