Instructions for the Public Sector Self-Compassion at Work Programme

Welcome to the Public Sector Self-Compassion at Work Programme. I hope that you find the programme a useful introduction to developing self-compassion.

Background to Self-Compassion:

Developed by the renowned academic researcher Dr Kristin Neff in 2003, self-compassion is a targeted approach which encourages us to think kindly towards ourselves, recognise all we have in common with others and mindfully hold our thoughts and feelings in our awareness without judgement. Research suggests that practising self-compassion improves our health and wellbeing and is a teachable skill.

In today’s world of work, we are all vulnerable to stress and burnout due to the pressure we experience; whether this is from the ever-increasing demands of our daily workload or the complexity of operating in a constantly changing environment. Learning to practice the principles of self-compassion enables us to improve our health and wellbeing. Self-compassion also builds our emotional resilience to enable us to manage the challenges of work more effectively. As a member of staff working in the public sector, this programme has been designed especially for you.

To introduce you to the core components of self-compassion, Dr. Amanda Super (Chartered Occupational Psychologist), has designed and developed this holistic four-week online programme of self-guided webinars. Each of the weekly user-friendly webinars are less than one hour in length and are designed to provide you with a grounding in both the theory and practice of self-compassion.

We hope that you enjoy learning about self-compassion, why it is such a critical skill to develop in today’s world of work and gain the maximum benefit from the programme presented. To do this, please follow the instructions on the following pages. We wish you all the best on the Public Sector Self-Compassion at Work Programme.

Programme Instructions:

Previous participants have found it useful to protect some time each week to listen to the weekly webinar. Although the programme requires some committed engagement, there are many benefits to engaging with the whole programme across the four weeks.

Please find the following documents in your download bundle:

  • Links to Four Webinars – You will find the links for the weekly webinars in this document – all you need to do is click on each link and you will be automatically taken to the webinar registration page via your internet browser where the slide show and audio feed will begin.
  • Daily Diary – You can print this document out and complete by hand. You should spend approximately five minutes per day for four weeks completing your entries. This document is to embed the aspects of self-compassion you are introduced to in each of the webinars. If you find that you haven’t managed to complete the written aspect of the diary on a particular day, please try to take a few minutes to reflect and think about your developing self-compassion practice.
  • Key Tasks – You should spend approximately fifteen minutes each week completing the key task that has been set. The tasks are set for each week to develop a key aspect of self-compassion that you are introduced to in the corresponding weekly webinar. Please complete these in the correct week and in the order they are presented.
  • Action Plan – You can print this document out and complete by hand. You can spend as long as you choose each week on the action plan. This document is for you to chart your progress in developing self-compassion throughout the programme.
  • Podcasts – You are provided with a set of podcasts to accompany the webinars. This feature enables you to listen to the practice elements presented away from the webinars, if you wish to do so. You can download the podcasts to your desktop or access the audio through your smart phone, instructions for both options are provided.

Things you need to know:

  • The webinars use the GOTO Webinar platform.
  • They can be watched on any computer/tablet/smartphone that allows you to access the internet and has an up to date windows media player (or Version 9 or above). GOTO Webinar will prompt you to update your software if it is necessary.
  • Once you click on the links provided below, you will be asked to enter your name and email address to join the webinar, you will then have access to the slide deck and audio feed.
  • Please ensure you find a quiet, protected space to watch your webinar and complete your diary document. You will be required to close your eyes in some of the practice sessions, so you might find it more comfortable to complete your webinars in your home environment.

Please note that all the webinar links, webinar content and documents provided in the Public Sector Self-Compassion at Work Programme are for your sole use only and cannot be shared, copied or distributed and are protected under copyright law.

We hope that you find the webinars, reflective diary and key tasks a helpful guide to developing self-compassion throughout the programme and beyond.

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