Compassionate Leadership Coaching Programme

Dr. Amanda Super, as an Occupational Psychologist, has been responsible for the professional development of staff and leaders in organisations for many years. There is a growing appetite amongst professionals who deliver services as part of their role to learn to look after their own needs. This is in recognition of the fact that, to authentically and sustainably serve the needs of others, they first need to care well for themselves.

As a direct response to this need, Amanda has devised and delivers the unique Compassionate Leadership Coaching Programme. The programme develops staff and leaders’ understanding and practice of self-compassion at work and equips them with the tools and skills to consistently self-care. This eight week online coaching programme has been found to build resilience and confidence in a high pressure working environment. The programme helps to recognise the signs of stress and manage this effectively whilst establishing and maintaining a work-life balance to promote staying healthy and well in work. The impact of this programme extends beyond the individuals who participate, to the teams they are part of or manage and the working practices and processes they oversee. We aim to build a more compassionate and inclusive organisational culture through this key development initiative.

The Compassionate Leadership Coaching Programme has already been adopted by a number of organisations for their staff and leaders, as a means of developing self-care mechanisms and the ability to sustainably and consistently provide high quality services to their customers.

Previous participants who have completed the Compassionate Leadership Coaching Programme have been proven to increase their overall self-compassion score on a validated measure.

Amanda and her highly qualified Associates deliver this ground breaking coaching programme to individual senior leaders, small groups of leaders, managers and teams as well as larger staff groups including the in-house coaching and mentoring resource.

The circle of influence self-compassion is developing, suggests the Compassionate Leadership Coaching Programme is perfectly timed. The programme looks to meet the needs of a self-aware population who recognise that, to manage constant change and challenge, we need to develop our own internal resources. This evolving mindset only leads to being more fully equipped and adept at making the changes we want to create in our personal and professional lives. It also encourages the positive influence we are able to have on the communities and societies we live and work within.

If you would like to find out more about how we can assist the staff and leaders in your organisation to build their resilience through self-compassion and influence compassion focused approaches organisationally, then please contact us using the enquiry form. We would be delighted to discuss the benefits the Compassionate Leadership Coaching Programme can bring to your most valuable resource.

If you would like to view the flyer for The Compassionate Leadership Coaching Programme, please click here.

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