Compassionate Leadership Coaching Programme

At Creating Compassion we have been developing leaders from all sectors for more than twenty years. Leaders and managers require a skill set which enables them to not only care for, support and develop those they lead but also maintain their own psychological wellbeing and resilience. Self-Compassion development enables leaders to attend to their own needs and replenish their own emotional and physical stocks so that they can offer their team authentic and sustainable compassion. In direct response to this need, Creating Compassion designed and deliver the Compassionate Leadership Coaching Programme.

The programme develops leaders understanding of the theory and practice of self-compassion which acts as the foundation for their compassionate leadership development. Based on the latest academic research evidence, data and best practice, the eight-week Compassionate Leadership Coaching Programme builds resilience and confidence to manage a high pressure working environment and stay well at work. Through attendance on this programme, leaders are able to role model self-compassion and align compassionate leadership practices in their workplace. The impact and effectiveness of this programme extends beyond the individuals who participate, to the teams they lead and the services they oversee. The Compassionate Leadership Coaching Programme aims to build a more compassionate and inclusive organisational culture.

The Compassionate Leadership Coaching Programme is available to leaders and managers at any level of an organisation, from team leaders to executive directors. The programme can be delivered in small groups of five participants or one to one with our expert facilitators across an organisation or in specific work divisions. The programme consists of coaching sessions, training webinars, key tasks, reflective practice, podcasts and action planning. Pre and post programme measures of wellbeing and self-compassion are provided as are all administration and full evaluation. Following the programme, Communities of Practice are developed and these can be further supported by follow up meetings with the expert facilitator.

If you would like to find out more about how Creating Compassion can assist the leaders and managers in your organisation to build their resilience through self-compassion, develop their compassionate leadership skills and influence compassion focused approaches organisationally, then please contact us using the enquiry form. We would be delighted to discuss the benefits the Compassionate Leadership Coaching Programme can bring to your most valuable resource.

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    Why Practice Self-Compassion?

    Research shows that people who are more self-compassionate are:


    Practising self-compassion leads to more happiness, optimism, gratitude and better relationships with others

    Less stressed

    Self-compassion is a powerful antidote to the self-criticism and perfectionistic thinking that can lead to stress, anxiety and depression

    More resillient

    Self-compassionate people bounce back more easily from set-backs and are more likely to learn from their mistakes